Ikebana Hachidai-ryu kanayama School provides you with healing and mindful enviroment. 

Why don't you do ikebana while feeling peace and happiness in gentle music and incense?

Ikebana Hachidai-Ryu Kanayama School wants people with daily stress to feel the peace of mind through ikebana. Flowers soothe the mind. Please incorporate the power of flowers into your daily life. After practicing ikebana, we offer matcha tea and Japanese sweets. It's a fun time to drink matcha tea and appreciate it while watching the flowers that have finished growing. In addition, our school has a studio function. It is possible to take beautiful pictures of the ikebana that has been made.

Why don't you do ikebana while feeling peace and happiness in gentle music and incense?


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

We offer a cheap experience course!

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    The Ikebana Hachidai style has a history of about 500 years, inheriting the teachings of Yoshimasa Ashikaga, the eighth shogun of the Muromachi period (250 years since its founding). ”Oseika” that have both a neat style and a dynamic style are the characteristics of our style.

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    Ikebana At Hachidai Ryu Kanayama School, Ikebana is done with desks and chairs. You don't have to sit upright. You can sit in a chair, but everyone can stand and enthusiastically grow flowers. All the tools you need for ikebana are in the classroom. The flowers are fresh because I just bought them at the fresh flower market. Of course, you can bring the flowers home. There is also something to wrap in the classroom.

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    The instructor worked for a major company. After I retired, I started the Ikebana Hachidai ryu Kanayama School. At a major company, I have traveled abroad repeatedly, so I can speak English as much as everyday conversation. In addition, since the instructor is qualified as a Japanse Macha tea ceremony instructor, you can learn the Japanse Macha tea ceremony behavior for free.


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水曜日・金曜日 20:00~21:30


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Experience course

If you are new to ikebana or are considering studying at our school, please join this course. It is a casual and fulfilling course that even beginners can firmly master the important parts of ikebana. After the lessons, we will serve matcha and Japanese sweets (going). 

one lesson 1,000yen